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Health THROUGH Action
We help you transform your life and body by turning over every stone. Most gyms just give you a workout, we can do more. We make your goals a reality by working with you on your mindset, nutrition and lifestyle while providing you somewhere to belong and feel valued when working out.
CrossFit classes done right
To help you get fitter and stronger our small group classes are set out to give you variety every session while always getting sweaty 

Living a mostly sedentary life takes its tole, commuting, sitting at the office and then collapsing exhausted at home doesn't allow our bodies to thrive. Adding in our movement sessions where we focus on building strength, improving fitness and maintaining your range of motion will let your body flourish. We've built our classes to fit any level of fitness which allowing for a fun environment which will leave you excited for your next session.
Fuelling your body is the foundation, all else is built on top
Knowing what to eat, how much of it, how often and for how long to get the results you want is such a daunting task it might hold you back from taking action. That's why we coach you through it, we've tried and tested our methods and know we can get you results.
The biggest breakthroughs we make are in our mind
Tired of the all or nothing approach? Finding motivation lacking and unable to get new habits to stick? Chances are because you're trying to rely on will power instead of reprogramming the brain. That means as soon as you get tried you'll fall back into your old habits or frame of mind...Want the tools to correct that?
Take take of your joints so they take care of you
Our bodies are smart and if we don't use our full range of motion our body will think it's unnecessary. It's like only opening a door halfway, overtime the hinge seises and starts to creek if you open it further. If you've lost your range of motion this at home program will help you restore it in a fun varied format. 
Fitness for ANY Level
We used to hear 'I need to get fit before I try that'...
So we created a program that allowed you to start with minimal ability and progress through all the way to a highly competitive athlete! That means no matter what level you're at right now we can help you.

Level 1: MOVE

Restoring basic human capacity.  Body stiff? Need to lose weight? 
Not sure where to start or what to do? 

Start HERE


Now we've got the basics down and build a solid base, lets work at getting some cool party tricks; pull-ups, handstands, snatches...etc.

Level 3: PERFORM

Instagram filling up with cool party tricks?! Now let's get you faster, stronger and able to hang with the best. 

Our Free At Home Workouts
We've recorded over 70+ videos for you to check out at home with either no equipment or very little equipment. 
Get stronger arms and legs HERE
Build a rock solid core HERE
Time to get fit HERE
Our Prices
We are not the cheapest gym in town – and we hope that cheap is not what you're looking for. Our price reflects the unparalleled level of coaching that we provide and the lifelong value of a healthy lifestyle.
Try a Class Today

Just in the area visiting or want to try a one off class?

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Want something more meaninful?
Memberships come in all shapes and sizes, movement, mobility, complete transformation, private coaching packages, mindset management, nutrition coaching... we will customise the pricing to you and your goals.
Check out what our members say
I can play football with my son
Going all in to address his mindset, nutrition and movement, David got results FAST
Last week I David here nearly had me in tears. He very calmly and matter of fact told me that he played football with his son. Not only was this a first for him this year but his son told him how fun it was!

When David started working with us here at CrossFit Ballymena he said he wanted to get more involved with his son and not let him down. I'd say he's making great steps towards that...let's keep them coming lad!

"My father didn't tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it"

I remember all the fond memories of my dad playing football with me in the back garden when I was a kid and am just stoked that Caden now has that chance with his dad.
I lost my muffin top
Emma build back her confidence and inspires her kids
Emma lost her muffin top and her clothes fit so much better which has helped her feel better and more confident. As a result she's been able to teach her boys about resilience and be an inspiration to them that with hard work and consistency you can achieve great things.
I have more energy through the day
Sean is fitter, happier and took charge of his mindset
Moving back to Northern Ireland it was tough to juggle work, family time and health, when COVID-19 hit that was the final straw. Sean took ownership of his time and as a result is healthier, leaner and has explored around the country with his family all while continuing to work! Instead of wasting his time he's now investing his time in things that matter.
Book a consultation with us now
Let's take an hour we'll get to the heart of what's going on with you right now. What's not working with your health and fitness, what you want things to look like. If we can bridge that gap we'll show you how. 

To make sure you'd be a good fit we'll also run a body scan to identify your key health markers, take a look at your current fitness and assess your mindset.

These consultations are worth over £100 but we don't want you to fail at the first hurdle so...
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